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How Do You Want To Remember Summer, 2010?

Make some pleasant memories of this Summer!Make Wonderful Memories This Summer!

Officially, it isn’t summer until June 21st.  For most of us it becomes summer when we no longer have to worry about snow or school. Here in Colorado we can finally say with the poet, James Russell Lowell, “…what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.”

What are you going to do with these perfect days? And what about July and August? I don’t want to be depressing–but you only have about 90 days before you will probably start noticing that it’s no longer summer–it’s approaching autumn.  What can you do in the next 90 days to make Summer, 2010 the best ever?

Cherish the summer memories that have meant the most to you.  What have been some of the best summers of your life? What are some sights, sounds, smells, tastes and experiences that will always be linked with summer in your mind and heart? (One of mine is of eating watermelon on newspaper on the front porch. Another is the smell of Russian-olive trees and talking on the patio until it got dark.) Is there any way to recreate or share some parts of your best memories?

Enjoy the mornings and evenings. Make the most of the extra hours of warmth, light and bird-songs. Eat breakfast outside. Take the kids (or yourself) for a late evening picnic in a park or in your own yard, on your porch or just the steps. They’ll never forget it!

Make the ordinary seem special. Turn off most of the lights and use candles at dinner; go for walks and purposefully observe the natural world; chill glasses for sun tea; turn off the air conditioner now and then and open windows all the way; make a homemade salad dressing; take your time organizing your garage and make it an interesting, satisfying task instead drudgery you have to finish in a weekend.

Be joyful. Appreciate, say thank you, smile, glow.  Even as you sweat while mowing your lawn or working in your garden, be grateful for having a lawn and garden. If you are happy to not have a lawn or garden, mail thank you cards to people you know or don’t know who have worked hard on their flowers or lawns.  Notice the workers who make flower displays look so lovely in public settings. Tell them thank you, then write to their employers and express your appreciation–or write to the organization paying for the landscaping and let them know you appreciate their efforts.  

Be your most healthful self. Feel better than ever by eating lightly, exercising more and drinking plenty of water. In 90 days you can create a new you or make the currently good you even better. Don’t make it tough work, make it a fun way to celebrate the summer.

Take photos. Promise yourself to chronicle Summer, 2010 with snapshots of people not just scenery. Let them pose and smile or pause and smile, so both you and they will be happy with the results. Take your camera with you everywhere and have people take a photo of you with your family. If you’re on your own, ask someone who looks trustworthy to take your picture. (That will keep you from having every picture show you with your arm outstretched as you photograph yourself!)

Think about how you want to remember Summer, 2010–
then make it happen every day.

The seasons of the year are like the seasons of life–we have no control over their inevitability, just as we don’t have full control over some of the things that bring sorrow, stress or strain on even the sunniest of days. Finding strength may be easier if you can  absorb the sunshine, beauty and freshness of all that is around you.

If you are blessed enough to have days without personal tragedy, sorrow or worry, reach out to those who do and help them in any way you can. At work and elsewhere, strengthen relationships while you strengthen your life. Summer is the perfect time for it.

Probably the key to happiness this summer or any other time is to be aware of all it offers and use it well, so you can say:                                                                               

“The summer of 2010 was wonderful! That was when I……..”  

The poet Celia Thaxter said, “There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.”
Have a wonderful summer and make every moment an opportunity for happy, grateful memories!

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