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When Have You Had The Most Fun At Work?

"It's dirty work but we have fun!"Have you ever had a job where it was simply fun to be at work? Where you caught yourself looking forward to getting there and almost dreaded days off because you had to go home? What was the attraction?

I asked that question as an afterthought in a class a few weeks ago and was bombarded with reactions! Some of the people started smiling at memories, others looked at me as if I was crazy, one person said he had felt that way about every place he worked but his current job was his all-time favorite.  (I think his boss was in the room.)

I rephrased to get a better response: When have you had the most fun at work? That was the right question! Everyone had stories of times when work was the best it’s ever been. In the process of talking about those they made lists of common themes or situations that caused work to go past tolerable and even enjoyable, all the way to fun, fun, fun!!

  1. Working with close friends.
  2. Having a romantic relationship with someone at work. (I didn’t put restrictions on what they could list!)
  3. Having a close team in which everyone had a strong role.
  4. When the boss was also a friend, at least at work.
  5. Having enough work to stay busy but not so much as to be overwhelmed.
  6. Right after getting a promotion or going to a choice assignment. (That often didn’t last long!)
  7. Accomplishing something significant.
  8. Getting a lot of valid recognition for work.
  9. When everyone seemed to get along and there was no conflict.
  10. When there was a special project and everything came together easily.

If you’ll notice, there was no mention of a nice office or the most current technology, making a lot of money, or goofing off but still getting paid. Mostly, having fun at work involved relationships in one way or another and getting something positive accomplished. 

Ask yourself the question. When have you had the most fun at work? Who was part of it? Enjoy those memories! Consider contacting the people you worked with at the time to tell them how much fun you had with them and that you appreciate their part in it.

Can you make your work more fun? Is there any way to recreate some of that fun in your current work, if you aren’t having fun now? You may not be able to create a situation in which you look forward to work and don’t want to leave, but you might be able to add fun, great relationships and memories to carry with you after this assignment or job is over. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

August 6th, 2009 Posted by | Life and Work | 11 comments