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In Loving Memory of Robert Adams (Pastor Bulldog)

Robert Adams--An inspiration!Robert Nelson Adams–Pastor  Bulldog

This is a good-news post that will give you a chance to get a free PDF of a delightful group of Blessays (short, devotional essays and sermonettes) written by Robert Adams, who went by the nickname of Pastor Bulldog. The essays were compiled in a book Bob wrote a few years ago, Off My Chest–From My Heart. Thousands of people have read Bob’s essays on his website and they have enjoyed his faith testimony, his reminiscences and his puckish sense of humor.

Bob’s focus was on having hope in spite of infirmities, debilitating illnesses and disease. His motto was: “Bulldogs are survivors!”  He certainly proved it as he overcame many health conditions and worked through them to assist and support others.  So, the good news is that you can get that book for free in PDF format, to read, share, and print to give as a gift. The sad news is that it is being done in memory of a good man in every sense of the word and he his not here to be part of it.

Bob fought the good fight and kept the faith. He finished the race with valor. You can read more about Pastor Bulldog in the post written by his eldest son, Dr. Jeff Adams, senior pastor of Kansas City Baptist Temple. 

Bob’s Internet ministry is over now and so are the emails he sent me almost daily with ideas for developing it–ideas that would have required him to have another twenty years of good health to make them happen! In the last few weeks, even though he was exhausted and dealing with the effects of his cancer and the treatments for it, he wrote Blessays, responded encouragingly to emails from readers who were much less ill than him, wrote blog posts, organized his website, commented on posts of mine and continued to smile and joke to help others feel better about what he knew was imminent.

There was so much about Bob Adams that was funny and so much that was infuriatingly frustrating, that one day I’ll be able to laugh about him and his antics. Right now I just miss him. However, what does make me smile is being able to offer you a free PDF of his book, Off My Chest–From My Heart. It can be read with an Adobe reader on the computer or printed on regular paper and placed in a three-ring binder. It would be a nice gift or good to place in a reading room or forwarded to friends who can use the inspiration and spiritual encouragement it provides.

How to get the free PDF: Use the comment form or the “Contact me” tab. Be sure your email address is correct.  I’ll send you the PDF file of Off My Chest–From My Heart by Bob Adams.  If you didn’t know Pastor Bulldog you can meet him through his writing and enjoy him as much as I did. If you knew him, you’ll almost hear his voice and see his smile!

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