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*Assessment Center Material

The THIRD Edition is out now! It has brand new chapters and I’ve refreshed material throughout. I’m very happy with the result. For the fourth edition, in a few years, I’m going to add a Glossary at the very beginning, but I think you can figure it out anyway. Don’t buy the first or second edition to save money, get the third edition with all of its new material. It’s available on Amazon and directly through Charles C. Thomas publishers.

I know it is helpful and is considered the bible for preparation by thousands of candidates. In addition, it’s a guide for how to be effective before and after promotion. If you are committed to your profession, I sincerely want you to be successful throughout your career!

If you really want to have in-depth knowledge about the process and how to prepare for it, you can’t cram for a few days. You’ll do better than you would have otherwise, but you’ll wish you had devoted more time.

As a reminder: It isn’t unusual for a first-time candidate to not do as well as hoped. One reason is that the process itself can be intimidating and cause some loss of focus. The better prepared you are, the less likely you will be to make mistakes as a result of stress or lack of preparedness.

For example, I can say, “Read the assessment exercise instructions and follow them to the letter.” But until a first-time candidate fails to follow the instructions and does so poorly on one exercise it affects their overall standing, they somehow believe I’m exaggerating how important it is to follow the instructions.

Would you like some one-on-one training or training for a group? If you’ll let me know when your department is having it’s promotional process–the further out, the better–I’ll set up a seminar for the region or city.  Then, I’ll stay an extra day or two or more for one-on-one or small group sessions. That approach has worked very well in many areas. Yes, I know, you don’t want to provide a training opportunity for your competitors, but this is one way you can have some personal training as well.

Contact me for material to supplement the book and your other training. No charge, I’m happy to provide it.  trowetraining@comcast.net  Or text, 303-324-3988,

Best wishes to you in your promotional process and your career!

Tina Lewis Rowe
Denver, CO