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Church Security and Safety: Free Material-Bringing a Seminar to Your Area

I’m happy to offer free material in Word and some in PDF format, for your church’s current or new security and safety program. I hope you will use it to help your church keep the Big Picture in mind, rather than focusing only on response to a violent assailant–as important as that is for concern.

Let me know if you find it useful–I like to hear from people in places of worship!

You can safely save all of the documents to your computer and use them in our work. I appreciate attribution if you are going to use substantial material.

The first link is to “Worship Without Worry.” It is a compilation of several smaller documents, including a large section on inspecting a place of worship and a section about the security role of ushers and greeters (although it is most often used by security teams for training.)

Worship Without Worry-2018-182 Pages-Rowe

This a PDF of some of the fundamental slides in my seminar. PP Slides-2018-Rowe-Places of Worship

Although I have a business that involves training and presentations on a wide range of organizational and professional topics, I am not entrepreneurial about it and generally wait to be asked rather than solicit business. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t let people know that as part of my business, I present very effective six hour seminars on the topic of whole-church security and safety. This link will tell you how to make that happen. The only change is that you should contact me through trowetraining@comcast.net. 

Producing a Whole-Church Security and Safety Seminar with Tina Rowe

Seminar topics include everything in my material, but also provide a time of networking and positive messages about the fact that an effective, whole-church program is easily achievable by any place of worship.

The best way to have a seminar in your area is to host it or to bring a group of churches together to host, or to enlist the assistance of sheriff’s offices or police departments. It takes a few committed people to make it happen, but the result is always a success for every place of worship in a community.

Best wishes to all of you! Call me at (303) 324-3988 or contact me at trowetraining@comcast.net

Tina Rowe
Denver, CO

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  1. Hi, Mrs. Tina Rowe. I’m a pastor in Cleveland, OH and was in a pastoral appreciation event, in which one of the topics was church security. Some of your info was used and at the end of the event, we were given a usb drive with that information. I asked the pastor hosting the event (and speaker) if he had any information in Spanish. We have many Spanish speaking churches/congregations in OH which lack this very important information. If you do have this information in Spanish please let me know. I (we) will appreciate it. Thank you. God bless you. (I’ve been reading the information that was given to us and it has been a blessing and very useful to us.)

    Comment by unvencedor | April 19, 2018

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