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Starting In A Police Academy? Ask For A Free E-Book To Help You Be Successful

Your Police Academy Training is the Start of a Great Career

 If you or someone you know is planning on attending a law enforcement training academy in a college or technical school or a police or sheriff’s department, contact me, using the contact tab or the comments under this post (I’ll keep it private), and ask for a free e-book: Developing Your Career From Day One Until It is Done: Success In Your Police Academy.  One day soon it will be a regular published book, but for right now I’m giving it away for free to help recruits, trainees and cadets feel more comfortable about their academy training and to help them be the Outstanding Recruit they want to be.  I won’t put their email addresses on any list and won’t bother them again–it’s risk-free!

As you can know by looking at my bio information, I taught at the Denver Police Academy, served there as a lieutenant, then later as the commander when I was a captain. I teach instructional methodologies classes for academy instructors around the country and review lesson plans and test items for several academies. I wrote a book on promotional assessment center preparation and it has become a bible for thousands of officers. The bottom line is that I do know how academies work and how trainees can be more successful.

I also have seen many recruits come and go and never be the outstanding trainee or officer they wanted to be. I would like to prevent that in those who have the commitment and capabilities of being more and doing more.

Contact me–double check for accuracy on the email address–and I will send the material. I would like to know a little about the person who is asking for it  and what their law enforcement goals are,  but only what the person is comfortable sharing.  It will be an invaluable and unique resource–and there is nothing else like it available anywhere else.

Police service is public service and law enforcement agencies need ethical, knowledgeable, skillful, fit and effective officers. The law enforcement training academy is where it starts!

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