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Pork Rind Cranberry Sauce–Again!

I’ve posted this story several times and get asked about it every year if I don’t post it on time. So, here it is…..again.

A number of years ago (seems like a couple of years but I think it’s been fifteen), my hair stylist said she was making cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner. She said she had a very unique recipe that involved adding pork rinds. I was startled and said, “Doesn’t that give it an odd texture?” She said no, that it only added to the flavor. We discussed the idea of unusual recipes and I decided I would give Pork Rind Cranberry Sauce a try.

As I was walking out the door I turned to ask her, “How much of the pork rinds do you put into the cranberry sauce?” She said, “Only a fourth of a cup or so. I just get the small bottles of port wine and use about half of a bottle.”

Oops. Port Wine, not Pork Rinds. I never told her about my misunderstanding, but I’m glad I checked again.  Life can be like that!



December 23rd, 2013 Posted by | Life and Work | 4 comments