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Never The Old Year Ends, But Someone Thinks of Someone..

Who and what do you remember the most on New Year’s Eve?

New bike for Christmas-1981


Let's ride! Yippee!!



What's the matter with this bike??

One of my favorite Christmas cards has always been the one that says, with a bit of a smile and a lot of melancholy…

Never a Christmas morning,
Never an old year ends,
But someone thinks of someone,
Old days, old times, old friends.


I often avoid thinking of old days, old times, old friends, to keep from missing them too much and dimming some of the fun of the holiday season. However, it seems that on New Year’s Eve, no matter how busy I am, those memories knock on the door and insist upon coming in for a visit. 

For the last few years I’ve made us a cup of tea and at least tried to welcome them. I find that it helps if I invite some fun-loving memories too–like the photos above of my daughter, Shannon, on the Christmas she got her first bicycle.

Perhaps the best thing we can do each year is to realize that on the next Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, there will be new memories joining the old ones. I hope in 2013 your life and work–and mine–will be so exceptional in every good way that the memories will be welcome additions to the party. Best wishes!

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