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Free Law Enforcement Assessment Center Material

One of the most fun aspects of being the author of A Preparation Guide For the Assessment Center Method is that I receive emails and phone calls from all over the country–and occasionally I’m thrilled to hear from other countries–the UK, South Africa, France, Australia and once from Russia!

That book, which I wrote in 2005 or so, has been very well received by thousands of officers of all ranks. I often meet people at conferences who tell me they have thought about contacting me to ask a question or to tell me they were promoted–or to share their frustrations over not being promoted.  However, they didn’t do it because they didn’t think I’d care or want to be bothered. They obviously don’t know the level of interest I have in anyone who is involved in promotional testing! Of course I care and it’s never a bother.

Free Assessment Center Preparation Material
Free Law Enforcement Promotional Testing Material.

I also have other material that I use in my assessment center preparation seminars and some that will go in the second edition of the book, coming out this year. I’ll be happy to send helpful material, without charge, to anyone who requests it.

If you’d like some free material, contact me on the contact form. I’d like to know the department, the rank involved, and anything else you want to share about your efforts. I won’t bother you again and everything I receive is confidential. I just like to be a resource–but I do like to know a bit about who I’m sending things to.

I do the same thing with church safety and security material and have sent many thousands of free documents to church leaders and police officers who have requested that information. (If you’d like that at the same time, let me know.)

If you would like FREE training material on how to be more successful in your law enforcement promotional testing, contact me and let me know how I can help.

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  1. Tina says: I’ve received many requests for material so far and enjoy hearing from everyone. I won’t publish the requests and I promise no one will know you asked, but I do like to know what department you’re from, what rank you’re seeking and–if you know–what exercises you may be having in your promotional process. I’ll send material anyway, but I could send more helpful material if I have that information. Thanks!

    Comment by TLR | July 1, 2012

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