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Someone Thinks Of Someone

This has always been my favorite Christmas card verse, but it means more to me every year. What about you? As you find yourself having more and more old days and old times to remember, do you also find yourself with more old friends and loved ones to think about and perhaps to miss more than ever?

In the next few weeks reach out to those who are still living and with whom you can still communicate by phone or in person. Email is good too, but it’s better to hear their voices and let them hear yours.

At the same time, resolve this year to be important in the lives of others–many others, if possible.

One year–all too soon–2011 will be part of old days and old times. When others think about you, let them have plenty of reasons to smile!

The Nativity scene I display every year.
Cardboard stable from Woolworth’s in 1952–75 cents.
Straw I got from a barn in 1960 (Saved carefully!)

Figures from the 1960s–19 cents for the shepherd.
White place mat bought for $1.00 in 1967,
just for this purpose.
The whole display: Priceless!

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