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Be Calm

When Your Thoughts
Are In Turmoil

When your mind is whirling, twisting and knotted up with worry, fear, anger, doubt, shock or sorrow, the most difficult thing to do–but the thing that will help the most–is to be calm. Not the concept of be calm and carry on, only be calm.

Peace, Calm and Tranquility

In the past I’ve written several articles about seeking peace of mind and holding onto it when you find it. A recent post, on the anniversary of the events of September 11th , was a reminder to think of peace in every sense, work toward peace and let peace be our focus in life and work.

I heard from many people about habits they were trying to stop or start, after the post on Control, Alt, Delete. I also received a lot of emails about the post on lessening the negative influence of the Itchy Socks in our lives. On a more postive note, many people liked the post on faith and holding on, in spite of adversity.

But the post that received the most remarks by phone, email and online, was the one about dedicating time. A special one was from a woman who emailed me to report that around the time she read that article she had reached what she thought was the worst time of her life–a darkly threatening wall that she couldn’t get over or around.  She decided to dedicate a day to her son in the military, to see if it helped her get through a work day. She found it so helpful that she started dedicating days to many in her circle of friends and later telling them what she accomplished in their names!

She told me, “I started every day with a moment of prayer to ask for guidance and peace. Then, I dedicated the day to someone. After that, there just didn’t seem to be room for the worry and sadness that used to go round and round in my head all the time.”  That was in 2009 and she is still moving forward and being effective and positive.

Get Calm and Stay Calm

There are many ways to gain peace and calm: Through spiritual faith and prayer, while exercising or regaining health and fitness, through quiet time and meditation, by cleaning house or decluttering, through walks, music, reading or a hobby, by becoming closer to a loved one or by eliminating a harmful element in your life. One thing is for sure–trying any or all of those things won’t hurt!

The idea is to stop mental clamor, agitation and disturbance and allow your mind and spirit to level out and be calm. Then, appreciate how good it feels. You can do something worthwhile soon, but for a little while let yourself feel the calm. Do that with purpose every day and you’ll learn to recreate the calm no matter where you are or what you’re doing.   

When you hear about, read about and think about things that have the potential to bring grief, anxiety, sorrow or the other negative emotions that gather and grow, stop.  Picture yourself turning those off and flooding your mind and heart with peace and calm so you are better prepared to do the things that must be done. That process can add years to your life, joy to your work and other activties and happiness to your relationships. 

Give yourself that gift during this Holiday Season, 2011.

November 30th, 2011 Posted by | Keeping On!, Life and Work | 7 comments


  1. I think you know what has my mind in turmoil right now. I feel betrayed or really naive that someone I trusted, in so many ways, turns out to be someone I shouldn’t have trusted that much. Wow, what a world we’re living in! Thanks for your articles and reminders about how to get some peace of mind and keep going.

    Comment by P.A.H. | November 30, 2011

  2. Tina says: Yes, P.A.H., I can imagine what’s been going on today! Keep your eyes on the mission and the next goal and keep moving forward. 🙂 Best wishes!

    Comment by TLR | November 30, 2011

  3. Hello Tina! I usually start our morning meeting by jumping into the work, but it might be good to start in a different way. As one of your readers commented, I feel fortunate to be doing OK right now, but I tend to wonder when something will hit.

    I have to watch that I don’t over-protect my children. I will admit I go through a list of warnings al the time! I have dedicated some meetings to them in the past and it helps me.

    Comment by Careerist | December 1, 2011

  4. I do stretches at my work station to keep my neck and back from hurting and I have always taken the time to relax all over when I do that. I feel that it has helped me many times when I was upset or stressed.

    Comment by rsn100157 | December 1, 2011

  5. Good thoughts for all of us. I just commented to someone this morning that every person I know seems to have something bad going on in their lives. I feel really lucky, but also worry that it will happen to me soon!

    Comment by L.O. | December 1, 2011

  6. Dear Tina, another excellent post. I am blessed to have a faith that gives me the “peace that passeth understanding.” However, even with that I find myself shaken by what seems to be one phone call or email after another with unhappy news or unpleasantness.

    My meditation time is prayer. Sometimes I don’t pray in any formal way, I just stay quiet and allow the Heavenly Father to talk to me instead of me insisting upon talking to Him.

    I am praying for blessings for you and yours during this Holiday season and beyond. Don

    Comment by Don R. | December 2, 2011

  7. Hi! I enjoy your website. The article I liked best was the one about Itchy Socks. I hadn’t seen it before but looked at it just now and thought it applies to my life quite a bit. This will sound bad I guess, but when I smoked I could step outside and relax for a few minutes. I don’t want to smoke again, but now that I don’t, it seems like I never have just a few minutes to get away or to let my mind relax. I guess I could take a break and pretend to smoke! Dave W.

    Comment by denverdave70 | December 3, 2011

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