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Colleagues, Co-Workers Or Fellow Inmates?

Who is most like you and least like you at work?  

Think about the people who work with you directly or indirectly and do a bit of an analysis. Don’t take the time to worry about the why of your responses, just put faces and names to these questions.

  1. Who do you most look forward to seeing when you come back from time away? 
  2. Who do you most dread seeing?
  3. Who works about the same way you do? (Time management, communication style, attitude, skill level, etc.) Is that helpful to you or not?
  4. Who works in an almost completely different way than you do? Is that a problem or not?
  5. If you were given an office to share with someone, who would you choose?
  6. Who has helped you the most in the last six months?
  7. Who has purposely or inadvertently hindered you from getting your work done effectively? 
  8. Who have you complained, griped or grumbled the most about while at work?  
  9. Who do you think of as a strong ally?  
  10. Who is the person with whom you can share thoughts when you want to discuss improving work or being more effective?  
  11. Who is an unknown quantity to you?
  12. Who do you think understands you and your motivations and concerns the best?

Answering those questions may only reinforce what you already know about who you like and who you don’t. Or, the answers may encourage you to reach out more, build a bridge or repair one and say thank you to the person or people who have supported you over time.

Look around at work and you’ll realize that most are co-workers, although not particularly close ones. A few seem like inmates in a particularly bizarre asylum. A very few are colleagues who will watch your back and make your time at work better.  Have you said thanks to those (or that one) lately?

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