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Highlights For Children Is Still Fun With A Purpose–For Any Age!!

A fun magazine--give it a look!If you have children or grandchildren or if you know or work with someone who does—let them know about HighlightsKids, a website that has puzzles, jokes and a lot more! I like Science in Action and the section on Giggles and Games (it has a “time travel” feature that is interesting.) The site is fun no matter what your age, so give it a look-see.

Also check on the regular Highlights website for things you can print.  My favorite items are the hidden pictures or the find the differences pictures. Here is the link for the page with hidden pictures. Go to the print-friendly version for larger views.  The site also has great ideas for kid parties (some of them are adaptable for fun parties for any age), as well as crafts and decorations. It can give you ideas for making a play area for your children or grandchildren that is as fun and interesting as a library, bookstore or schoolroom.

What does Highlights have to do with professional and personal development?  Remember Goofus and Gallant? They started as elves, in 1951 and have changed their appearances over the years, but the concept has stayed the same: Goofus complains, is rude, self-centered and unappreciative. Gallant is courteous, makes a sincere effort to get along with others, and is a pleasure to have around.  In your workplace who is a Goofus (or Goofette) and who is Gallant?  Does your training, corrective action, mentoring and evaluations correctly reflect the differences in those employees?

Which one are you–consistently,  dependably and definitely? Now and then critique your actions or conversations and decide how the situation would have been portrayed by Goofus and Gallant, in Highlights.  Fun with a purpose!



The first Goofus and Gallant-1951. By Dr. Garry Myers and Marion Hammel.

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