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Gaining Ten Pounds Could Make You More Appealing!

Chocolate flavored cod liver oil. Yum!

Do You Have Starved Glands?

This is from a 1935 magazine, but doggone it, it sounds like a good thing to me! Without a lot of effort–just taking concentrated cod liver oil and minerals a few times a day–I could gain ten pounds and look more appealing!

Until I can order a supply of this product I’ll bet Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream with hot Hershey’s syrup, twice a day, would accomplish the same thing.  Still, I think Vitro-Min Plus should be recommended to almost all Americans since so many of them are skinny. Besides that, who could pass up chocolate flavored cod liver oil? I know I can’t! Yum!

October 27th, 2009 Posted by | Food, Fitness, Fun | 8 comments


  1. Denise is ordering some of this stuff for me since I’m so starved looking. I liked the old ads you showed in class. Put the one in about nervous B.O.

    Comment by Mike | October 28, 2009

  2. Tina says: I’ll do that in a couple of weeks, Mike. I’m so glad Denise is getting the Vitro-Min for you. You look like you’re wasting away. Or is that waisting away? 🙂

    Comment by TLR | October 28, 2009

  3. Awesome! I may try that line about looking good with 10 more pounds and see if it impresses my wife! LOL

    Comment by NotaDonutFan | October 28, 2009

  4. The one thing this ad had right was the cod liver oil. Anyone who takes fish oil daily will feel and be healthier. That is the closest to a miracle pill there is for most of us. http://www.westonaprice.org/basicnutrition/codliveroil.html

    That website is a good informational site, I haven’t bought anything from it and probably wouldn’t, but Tina, if you’re not taking Omega 3 or other fish oils, you owe it to yourself to take it for a month, straight and see if it doesn’t make a believer of you.

    Comment by Ginger | October 28, 2009

  5. Tina,you seem to have a sarcastic streak coming out in you. Are you feeling okay? 🙂

    Comment by Jennifer | October 30, 2009

  6. What a terrible thing to do to chocolate! Is this a real ad?

    Comment by Chocolate Lover | November 2, 2009

  7. The comment by Ginger is correct about Omega 3. Cod liver oil won’t make you gain weight, but if someone started taking it they would feel and look better overall in a few weeks. I take it every day and can feel the difference in my energy if I leave it off for a week or so. My cholesterol went down a lot when I started using it, and it has stayed down.

    I think I have some old magazines too. If I find an ad you could use I’ll send it, if that’s OK. No obligation to use it.

    Comment by Carlotta K. | November 2, 2009

  8. Tina says: Thanks to all of you for your comments about this fun old ad. It’s a real one, from a Popular Science magazine in 1935. I love old magazines—and anything before about 1980 is old enough for some very interesting ads. But, before the 1950s when there started being laws about advertising, the ads were very, VERY interesting!

    A special note to Jennifer: To accuse me of sarcasm seems extremely cruel and completely unncessary. I forgive you–but wait until I see you in class next time!

    I also received some emails about Omega3 and similar fish oils–apparently it is extremely beneficial. My medical insurance website mentions it positively as well. I’m going to get some capsules and give it a try. T.

    Comment by TLR | November 2, 2009

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