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In Loving Memory of Robert Adams (Pastor Bulldog)

Robert Adams--An inspiration!Robert Nelson Adams–Pastor  Bulldog

This is a good-news post that will give you a chance to get a free PDF of a delightful group of Blessays (short, devotional essays and sermonettes) written by Robert Adams, who went by the nickname of Pastor Bulldog. The essays were compiled in a book Bob wrote a few years ago, Off My Chest–From My Heart. Thousands of people have read Bob’s essays on his website and they have enjoyed his faith testimony, his reminiscences and his puckish sense of humor.

Bob’s focus was on having hope in spite of infirmities, debilitating illnesses and disease. His motto was: “Bulldogs are survivors!”  He certainly proved it as he overcame many health conditions and worked through them to assist and support others.  So, the good news is that you can get that book for free in PDF format, to read, share, and print to give as a gift. The sad news is that it is being done in memory of a good man in every sense of the word and he his not here to be part of it.

Bob fought the good fight and kept the faith. He finished the race with valor. You can read more about Pastor Bulldog in the post written by his eldest son, Dr. Jeff Adams, senior pastor of Kansas City Baptist Temple. 

Bob’s Internet ministry is over now and so are the emails he sent me almost daily with ideas for developing it–ideas that would have required him to have another twenty years of good health to make them happen! In the last few weeks, even though he was exhausted and dealing with the effects of his cancer and the treatments for it, he wrote Blessays, responded encouragingly to emails from readers who were much less ill than him, wrote blog posts, organized his website, commented on posts of mine and continued to smile and joke to help others feel better about what he knew was imminent.

There was so much about Bob Adams that was funny and so much that was infuriatingly frustrating, that one day I’ll be able to laugh about him and his antics. Right now I just miss him. However, what does make me smile is being able to offer you a free PDF of his book, Off My Chest–From My Heart. It can be read with an Adobe reader on the computer or printed on regular paper and placed in a three-ring binder. It would be a nice gift or good to place in a reading room or forwarded to friends who can use the inspiration and spiritual encouragement it provides.

How to get the free PDF: Use the comment form or the “Contact me” tab. Be sure your email address is correct.  I’ll send you the PDF file of Off My Chest–From My Heart by Bob Adams.  If you didn’t know Pastor Bulldog you can meet him through his writing and enjoy him as much as I did. If you knew him, you’ll almost hear his voice and see his smile!

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  1. […] She was like a daughter to my dad and she wrote a beautiful  tribute to him that you can read here. She is also offering a free PDF file of my dad’s book,  Off My Chest – From My […]

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  2. This is so sweet, Tina! Rev. Adams must have been very special. Can I get a copy of the PDF file? I’ll share it with my Mom and my Aunt. D.

    Comment by denisek | October 23, 2009

  3. Dear Tina, I would be thrilled to read “Pastor Bulldog’s” book! Please send me the file. You and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Comment by Don R. | October 24, 2009

  4. We loved Bob and will miss him so much. Thank you for making this book available for free. You were a good friend to him and he mentioned you to us many times. We love Jeff too and we feel richly blessed to have him lead our church in its ministry all over the world.

    Comment by T.G. and family | October 24, 2009

  5. This is a great memorial. Please send me the file. Thanks! P.

    Comment by P.A.H. | October 24, 2009

  6. I was going to request the file on church security and would still like that, but would also like this book. I recently lost my father and am thinking it would be a good thing to put some of his writings together for friends.

    I would also like the free PDF on greeters and ushers and the one on assessing security. Thanks!

    Comment by A.S. | October 24, 2009

  7. I would like for you to send me Pastor Bulldog’s book.
    Thank you very much for doing this!


    Comment by vrhatt | October 24, 2009

  8. Thank you for making Bob’s book available Tina. I think it is a great tribute to him to offer it. I would like to get the PDF please. P.O.

    Comment by PO | October 24, 2009

  9. Tina, I just had to write back and tell you and others that this is a wonderful little book of essays!

    It starts with Thanksgiving and works through the year and I have already enjoyed thumbing through it and reading bits and pieces here and there. I will start at the beginning and read it all the way through when I get home. Thank you for sharing this part of someone who you obviously respected so much. You were lucky to have him as a friend (and I think he was lucky to have YOU for a friend too.)

    With love, Phyllis

    Comment by P.A.H. | October 24, 2009

  10. Tina says: Thanks to all of you for requesting Bob’s book! I’m happy to be able to share it. I’ve received requests from my Contact Form (on the Contact Me tab) and also through the comments section. Either way is just fine.
    Thanks again!

    And Phyllis, thank you for reporting back!

    Comment by TLR | October 24, 2009

  11. I would like the PDF of the book to give to my Mother and Dad. Thanks!

    Comment by W.K. | October 24, 2009

  12. Hello Tina, I usually have something wiseacre to say, but I’m serious about this…I would like to have the book and promise to appreciate it and share it. I just happen to be going to visit a relative in a nursing home this weekend and I’m going to print it out for her. Thanks!

    Comment by wiseacre | October 24, 2009

  13. This sounds like a nice book and I’d like to have it please. You have quite a mixture of things on your website! I didn’t expect that but I’ve enjoyed looking around today. Thank you also for your response to my workplace question.

    Comment by Sandy | October 24, 2009

  14. We have read some of Pastor Adams’ Blessays and always enjoyed them. He was very down to earth and had a great sense of humor, plus his memories of days gone by were very interesting to us. We didn’t know he had a book so we’ll be very happy to receive it. We feel like we know you from Jeff’s blog and hope to meet you sometime. C/G

    Comment by Cathy and Grant | October 24, 2009

  15. I’d like a copy of the book, please. Thank you.

    Comment by R.S.W. | October 24, 2009

  16. Hi Tina. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. What a loving tribute you have posted here.

    Please send me a copy of the book. I have a friend whose dad is in poor health and she is having a hard time with it. She is a woman of faith and I know she will enjoy it. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Comment by Jennifer | October 24, 2009

  17. Tina,

    could you send me a copy as well.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Michael | October 25, 2009

  18. Tina,

    I would like a copy of Bob Adams book. It is wonderful that you can make this available to the members of KCBT and all other who could use the encouragement from a great man and the father of our head pastor Jeff.

    Comment by wab | October 25, 2009

  19. I’ve never seen Pastor Bulldog, but occasionally read about him on Pastor Jeff’s blog. I’d love to read his book. Could you send me a copy as well? Thank you so much for sharing.

    Comment by Bo-kyoung | October 25, 2009

  20. Yes, I would love to have a copy of Bob’s book. Thanks for making it available.

    Comment by Wendy Winpigler | October 26, 2009

  21. I would like a copy of the book if you please. My mother adored Bob and we all love Jeff and feel blessed to have him with us. H.G.

    Comment by Hector G. | October 26, 2009

  22. Hello Ms. Rowe! Thanks for your class in Boulder. I learned a lot and have already been using the ideas. Could I get this book file? Thanks!

    Comment by RiderKing | October 26, 2009

  23. Hello Tina,

    I just wanted to thank you so very much for keeping me informed about Pastor Bulldog. Yes, I certainly will miss his blessays. He was a great soldier for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Now he has met his risen Lord and I rejoice that his sufferings on earth are now over. Praise the Lord that one day we will all meet in heaven to share and remember all that God has done through Pastor Bulldog. Those he ministered to will look to thank him for his comforting words from his journey through his various trials throughout his life. May we who are left behind continue the legacy he has left, for the work is not done. The harvest is plenty and we must through the Holy Spirit continue to bring them to the Father’s table.

    God bless you and keep you in His everlasting arms.
    Pam Johnston

    Comment by Pam Johnston | October 26, 2009

  24. Could I please get a copy of Bob Adam’s book.

    Thank you.

    Comment by WLB | October 26, 2009

  25. Tina says: Thanks to all of you who have asked for Bob’s book. I’ve received requests sent through these comments, on my contact form, directly by email and even on the phone! I’ll always have it available and will be happy to send it to anyone who requests it.

    Comment by TLR | October 27, 2009

  26. May I please get a copy of Bob’s book? Thank you.

    Comment by Connie Sue | November 9, 2009

  27. Thank you Tina for offering Pastor Bulldog’s book. Would you please send me the PDF file of his book.

    Comment by Maureen | November 9, 2009

  28. Please send me the free Pdf We are having a leadership meeting next week and I think this can be very helpfull to us
    Thank you
    Vince Leo First Baptist Marinville Mo.

    Comment by Vince Leo | February 25, 2010

  29. please send the pdf it sounds good

    Comment by jimmy wallace | May 4, 2010

  30. Dear Ms. Rowe,
    Bob never stopped talking about you and all you did for him. I think you must have been an angel sent to him in his later years to help him accomplish many things. I know he loved you as a daughter and as his closest friend. That is a great tribute to you.

    Bob gave me the paperback copy of his book that you helped him get published and that he was so proud about. But, I think it would be good to have the PDF file so I can share it easier. If I could get that I would appreciate it.

    Thank you!
    Gerald W.

    Comment by G.W. | July 11, 2010

  31. Tina says: Thanks again to all of you. I also receive many requests by email or as part of a request for church security material. Bob would certainly be happy to know his work is being shared!

    Comment by TLR | July 14, 2010

  32. Dear Tina, I am so sorry to learn about Pastor Bulldog’s illness and passing, Glory to God that he knew Him as his Saviour !!
    I knew Bob and Helen through his website, CPR and personal notes. His exchange of funny Greeting cards via email were very touching. He had me on his website ‘Survivor’s Internet Ministry’. It was a photo of me snow shoeing. I had shared my experience with breast cancer, and he asked me if I would give him permission to put my picture on his website as a survivor, I was touched by his request !
    I do have his book which I bought soon after it was printed.
    I had been wondering about Pastor Bulldog for some time. My computer had been down for a long time so tonight I tried to get his CPR website, no results. I remembered him telling me, years ago, that his son’s name was Jeff and that he was a pastor. I looked up Jeff on facebook. There were so, so many. I finally got the right one tonight, and was at awe to learn of Bob’s illness and death. So sorry to hear this, and to learn that his passing was way back in 2009, here it is March 6th 2011.
    May God bless

    Comment by Olga Bateman | March 6, 2011

  33. Great post! I would like a pdf copy, please!

    Comment by Theresa J | June 27, 2018

  34. I enjoyed many time with pastor Bulldog, and the time Helen and I visited him and Helen in Florida, A true warrior.Ed H

    Comment by Ed Hale | June 12, 2020

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