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Smile And Bee Energetic, But Don’t Buzz Around Too Much

Smile while you stay busy!

Not long ago I was introduced to an organization called Smile & Move. You can find out about the concept and get nifty tips and products here. The information and advice is certainly needed! The next time you are observing a crowd, office or business, notice how few people smile–and how lethargic many of them act about work. Those uninspired images should be a good reminder to look and act pleasant and to  show enthusiasm and a willingness to help others.

The honey bee is the traditional example of cheerful industry.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bee grin but I’ve watched bees work and it is fascinating to see how thorough they are as they buzz between, over and in flowers. However, buzzing around like a bee at work is not necessarily a positive thing. It can be irritating and often makes work more difficult.

The  problems with excessive buzzing around at work:
*Hyperactivity can seem out of control and overly dramatic.
*Rushed, worried talking can give the impression of being overwhelmed. 
*Hurried work leads to mistakes, accidents and misunderstandings. 
*When the behavior is chronic it seems manic rather than admirable.
*Other employees resent having to deal with the uproar and panic that seems to often accompany an excessively active person.

Another problem is that being busy as a bee can become egotistical and self-serving.  It’s easy to use multi-tasking and busy, busy, busyness as a way to slyly attempt to show others up: “Thank goodness I’m working so hard, since no one else is. I’m such a saint.”  Sometimes hectic people make a habit of sharing their long lists of tasks with others. No one is impressed and in fact, they become even more resentful.

Calm down. If you know you tend to buzz around, purposely calm down.

  • Move a bit slower to avoid the appearance you are wogging everywhere you go.
  • Stop now and then to regain your composure and self control. 
  • Realize that everyone else is probably working hard too, so don’t create more problems for them with your obsessiveness.
  • Don’t recite your list of tasks to others.
  • Consider reducing the list and learning to deal with your time and work more effectively.

Smile and move with purpose and composure. Isn’t that the way you want to be viewed by others?

Check out the Smile & Move website, then use it to help yourself have a positive attitude and take positive action–without bouncing or buzzing off the walls.

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