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Clearing Out Clutter–Not Just Controlling It

This may not be considered clutter to some people! I’m not tidy in my work area (or anyplace else).  However, I try to avoid clutter and confusion and spend some time every few days washing my desk top, cleaning the keyboard and reorganizing a bit. I’ve learned over time that reorganizing isn’t as useful as simply tossing some clutter items that add nothing to my life or work–and that may detract from it.

A Peter Walsh book you’ll find very helpful:  I just finished reading It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan For Living A Richer Life With Less Stuff, by Peter Walsh, and was reinforced in my thinking.  I wanted to mention it here to say that his book is both insightful and inspirational not just informational. If you have a problem with stuff stuffed everywhere or if you haven’t gotten to that point….yet, I encourage you to buy this book and see how you can apply it. He’s the host of the TV show Clean Sweep and has some excellent perspectives. (I’m not as positive about his line of organizational items at a big name office store. They all seem unnecessary and over-priced to me!)

Finish up your summer feeling lighter and less burdened by the stacks, boxes and shelves of stuff you don’t care about at home, and the clutter and junk that takes up desk space and distracts you and others at work. Walsh doesn’t advocate getting rid of everything you care about. However, he does advocate carefully considering what you do care about. I found it to be an excellent book that I’ll keep on my book shelf–the one with ten less books than it had this morning.

July 13th, 2009 Posted by | Life and Work | 7 comments