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Denver Is A Great City!

16th-streetI love Denver! It’s not perfect (what large city is?) but it’s a great city in many ways!

For one thing, there are few large cities that are so clean, especially downtown. In addition, few have such a low crime rate in the downtown area.  We have a small downtown, compared to some that seem to spread all over the place. You can walk the central part of it–16th Street–easily.

Unlike many large cities, Denver is alive almost all night long! It’s fun to walk the 16th Street Mall at night–and feel safe. At 11 p.m. it’s as busy as it is in the daytime, but with an atmosphere of fun.

Denver also has wonderful communities, excellent cultural opportunities, fun activities, theatre and concerts and everything else you could want in a city, without most of the things that are less attractive.

We don’t have slums as they are seen in some other urban areas; we don’t have scandals and unethical government officials (that we have found out about, anyway!) I think we have an excellent mayor, John Hickenlooper (what a name!) who has tremendous business-sense in a time when that is needed.  Overall, I just love this place!

If you live in the area and haven’t visited downtown lately, do so. Take RTD Light Rail from an outlying area to avoid the pressure of driving and parking. (Kids love the Light Rail experience.) Or, drive if you must and then park and walk. Promise you won’t complain incessantly about parking fees–you’ll ruin the evening!

Do something special–dinner, a play or shopping.  (There are scads of restaurants in Downtown Denver!)  Or, just get a cup of coffee and walk the mall.  During the day go to the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. Visit the zoo. Go to the wonderful Botanic Gardens, near downtown. Walk the area between the City and County Building and the State Capitol. Take photos. Have fun in a truly enjoyable downtown and near-downtown area.

Get to know Denver–it’s a great city!

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  1. Enjoyed taking a stroll with you through the mall in downtown Denver.

    Comment by Robert N. Adams | May 21, 2009

  2. I’m glad to read that someone else likes Denver as much as I do. There are a lot of good cities in the United States, and they each have something to recommend them. But, especially for conferences that are housed downtown, there is no better city in the country than Denver.

    It’s not safe feeling to walk outside ANYTIME in most most southern big cities, and its not fun at night in most cities anywhere, except NYC and LA, where there are plenty of places open and a lot of mainstream people out. But Denver is a really fun city downtown, anytime.

    Thanks for looking at the good side of our town. I haven’t ever commented on your site, but I’ve read it since you spoke to us at the CDE conference. Bill K. Mueller

    Comment by Bill | May 22, 2009

  3. Hi Tina! I have never been in downtown Denver at night and I’ve lived in the metro area all my life! I’ve only been downtown one or two times anyway and got so confused with the one way streets I gave up. I think I’m a small town girl at heart. Don’t hate me!

    Comment by denisek | May 22, 2009

  4. Tina says:
    Thanks Bob (Pastor Bulldog) for walking along the mall with me! And, thanks to you Bill for the positive comment. I agree. I have attended many conferences where we were told not to walk outside after dark. What a shame!

    Denise, you, Mike and Phyllis should get out more! It’s better to not take one more car into downtown anyway. So, have fun and ride Light Rail and take the Mall Shuttle. There are instructions on their website and you’ll see how easy it is.

    But, if you have to drive, it’s fairly trouble-free. Yes, there are one way streets, but unless you are on a really tight schedule, just go around the block and get going another way, if you get off-track. I often have to retrace my route and figure out the best way to get someplace. But, honestly, it isn’t that difficult.

    Give it another try, please! I’m going to email you with some ideas of things to do and places to go. T.

    Comment by TLR | May 22, 2009

  5. You should get a job at DIA welcoming people to Denver!

    Comment by Denverite | May 22, 2009

  6. This makes me want to come to Denver! I did some looking on the Internet and Denver seems like a good place to live and visit. I’ll check it out some time. I also liked the article on junk communicaton and could really relate. For me, the thing that bothers me most is over-using a word or phrase. It doesn’t matter what it is, once someone starts using it all the time or they use it repeatedly in the same conversation, it loses it’s effectiveness for them. Good thoughts and a good site.

    Comment by Jennifer T. | May 23, 2009

  7. Tina, it’s so nice to hear these great comments about Denver! I grew up in Denver, and as a teenager one of my favorite things to do was go downtown and walk up and down 16th St. Mall. Going to The Old Spaghetti Factory was always a treat in my family, and for my 17th birthday my dad took me to The Broker and we ate in the Vault, as a special treat. When DIA was built my boyfriend and I would drive out there just to wander the concourses and ride the train (pre-9/11, of course!).I love living in the mountains, but when I get homesick I drive down the hill and spend some time in the city that always matches the pulse of my heartbeat.

    Comment by Jennifer | July 17, 2009

  8. Tina says: Jennifer, thank you for your comment. How fun to hear you talk about the “olden days”. 🙂 I walked past the Spaghetti Factory at 1215 18th Street a couple of weeks ago and it was still busy. Pasta and more pasta, and people of all ages seem to have fun.

    And eating in the vault at the Broker. Yep! And the unlimited shrimp bowl! They still have it…so you should visit again.

    You mentioned riding the train at DIA and that made me sad. Remember when we COULD ride the train, just for fun? And see people off at the gate? And meet them and wave as they stepped off the plane? A few rabid people changed our world forever…or maybe our reactions to them did. But that’s a somber note, and I am feeling far too good in memories to let the present-day intrude!

    Thanks for reminding me of when I first started loving Denver! T.

    Comment by TLR | July 17, 2009

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