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Denver Is A Great City!

16th-streetI love Denver! It’s not perfect (what large city is?) but it’s a great city in many ways!

For one thing, there are few large cities that are so clean, especially downtown. In addition, few have such a low crime rate in the downtown area.  We have a small downtown, compared to some that seem to spread all over the place. You can walk the central part of it–16th Street–easily.

Unlike many large cities, Denver is alive almost all night long! It’s fun to walk the 16th Street Mall at night–and feel safe. At 11 p.m. it’s as busy as it is in the daytime, but with an atmosphere of fun.

Denver also has wonderful communities, excellent cultural opportunities, fun activities, theatre and concerts and everything else you could want in a city, without most of the things that are less attractive.

We don’t have slums as they are seen in some other urban areas; we don’t have scandals and unethical government officials (that we have found out about, anyway!) I think we have an excellent mayor, John Hickenlooper (what a name!) who has tremendous business-sense in a time when that is needed.  Overall, I just love this place!

If you live in the area and haven’t visited downtown lately, do so. Take RTD Light Rail from an outlying area to avoid the pressure of driving and parking. (Kids love the Light Rail experience.) Or, drive if you must and then park and walk. Promise you won’t complain incessantly about parking fees–you’ll ruin the evening!

Do something special–dinner, a play or shopping.  (There are scads of restaurants in Downtown Denver!)  Or, just get a cup of coffee and walk the mall.  During the day go to the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. Visit the zoo. Go to the wonderful Botanic Gardens, near downtown. Walk the area between the City and County Building and the State Capitol. Take photos. Have fun in a truly enjoyable downtown and near-downtown area.

Get to know Denver–it’s a great city!

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