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Office History Museums On the Internet–Fascinating!

      Everything about Old Offices and Office Equipment

I am always fascinated by historic photos and by stories about the development of everyday objects. I also am very interested in photos that feature people in business settings in the early to mid-twentieth century. Thus, I was thrilled to find several websites that provide tremendously interesting photos and historic tidbits. I’ll list them and let you look for yourself. Each opens in a new window, so you can come back here.

1. The Office Museum is a great resource for photos of old offices and office machines. I can browse there for hours. Put these links in your favorites so you can check them out when you have more time.

2. Another interesting site involves a collection by Prof. Christian-M. Hamann, Ph.D., whose doctorate is in Engineering. His tremendously interesting site is devoted just to antique adding machines and slide rules. I wrote to Dr. Hamann and he graciously responded to give me persmission to put a link here. Check it out, and be grateful for the calculator on your phone or PDA! Also be grateful for people like Dr. Hamann who make photos of these remarkable antique items available to the rest of us.

3. Chuck and Rich’s Typewriter Museum is also interesting. This site has several photos of office staff. I wondered about the individuals who were photographed and what life was like for them.

Alright, that will get you started! I am very grateful for my computer, keyboard, mouse, solar calculator and everything else that makes work easier. One day someone will display holographic images of our computers, printers and phones, and some little furturistic twirp will laugh at how antiquated the items appear. (And, the same little twirp will make fun of your clothes and hair style.) Take a photo of you in your office and make sure your family saves it–you might be in a virtual museum one day!

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