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ROWE Makes People Happy

I have been a bit perplexed over the last few months, about how some people have found my website. (I can check to see whether they were directed by a search engine, typed my URL, or were linked here from someplace else. Big Sister is watching you!)

Some of the search requests have used phrases such as, “Rowe helps employees” and “Questions about Rowe.” That made sense–sort of.  However, last month I was shocked to have three people come to my site after searching for, “Rowe doesn’t work”, “Dislike Rowe”, and “Rowe bad for employers.” What the heck was that all about?  So, I researched it.

Here is what ROWE is all about–Results Oriented Work Environment. It was a concept started by Best Buy in their headquarters offices, and is now being considered for retail stores. It is essentially flextime, in that the focus is on results not on time in the office. If your workplace has implemented ROWE or something similar, I’d like to know your thoughts.

Some employees complain that this is very unfair for those who must be there to open and close the office, if others come and go as they wish. A few say their productivity standards were increased, making it necessary for them to work more hours anyway. Many jobs simply could not use the concept because of customer or client expecations. However, for many, it is a good way to let employees live their lives without such stark boundaries between work time and home time. All I know is that I have it on good authority that ROWE makes many people happy!

I think I will contact Best Buy and see if they can do a better job of selling this concept around the world. I want 100% acceptance! I’m tired of having my website found by people who are looking for information about “ROWE is failure” “Reasons Rowe won’t work” or the ultimate, “Rowe bad.”

One of my favorite ways of having my website found and read by a total stranger, was when someone from the UK searched, found me, and contacted me by email to ask about one of the posts, unrelated to his original topic. How did he find me? Rather obvious: He looked for “Best Buy ROWE is successful.” (My friends just call me, “The Best.”)  

August 19th, 2008 Posted by | Life and Work | 9 comments