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What To Do With Your Name Card

An Instant Impact Thank You Note!

When class was done at the end of the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police Supervisory Institute, I was gathering my training material and ready to go home. I had commuted over four hours a day for three days and taught a class of 40 about the crucial role that is fulfilled by a supervisor in any work setting and how they could each be more effective in that role. My mind was as tired as the rest of me!

As I was picking up my training material I found a name card with a note on it. I smiled then laughed,  because the officer who had apparently sneaked up and left it on my table, Officer James Johnson, had reminded me of a big puppy dog that created havoc whether he intended to or not. He was a lot of fun in the class and added to it in many ways. (At least, he added to my enjoyment!)

I write and teach about Instant Impact Communications and Instant Impact Moments, and Officer Johnson’s thank you card is a great example. I often receive emails and cards from participants in classes or conferences, and I appreciate them tremendously and save them all. But this was immediate, fun and very personal. It made an Instant Impact! (And, I can assure you, every teacher or trainer needs encourgement!)

Consider this the next time you go to any meeting, conference or training where you have a name card:  Write a note on it before you leave, to send a positive message to the person who put a lot of effort into the program–the speaker, instructor, coordinator or events manager. It will be a wonderful compliment for someone who is tired and hoping their efforts were appreciated. It will end the training time on a positive note for you as well!


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