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Hello to all of you! Thanks for being such a great group. The Farmington PD set a wonderful example of professionalism and teamwork, didn’t they?

These files can all be helpful. Save them to your computer and share them with coworkers and friends who you think could use them.

How to Gain and Use Influence–Student copy

ACs-The Basics–Tina Rowe 2016  This material is an overview of the book and can help you get motivated, if you’re not already. It can be useful for promotional processes and for interviews for internal assignments. You need time to thoroughly prepare and it’s never too soon to start.

The TWO Main Reasons for Rating Differences-Rowe

Words and Phrases that Demonstrate Effectiveness Factors-2016

How to Optimally Prepare for Your AC-2016

Limited Time For Preparation-2016

Critical Incident Checklist

How to Develop Practice Exercises

How To Study for Promotional Process Multiple Choice Tests-Rowe

WORSHIP WITHOUT WORRY -156 pages-2016-Rowe

Place of Worship Safety and Security-Five Components-Tina Rowe-2016

Tina Lewis Rowe-Trainer and Presenter

If there is a specific topic you’d like some information about, contact me.

Best wishes to all of you! Keep in touch and keep the faith!