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*How Tina Can Assist You

Tina’s Promise
“I promise to enliven, inform and inspire your group.
My goal is to be a personal resource for every person in every audience.”


Providing expertise and assistance to businesses, industry, non-profit organizations, government and criminal justice agencies. 

 • Experience, expertise and the ability to teach others about:
• Solving workplace problems–better yet, keeping them from developing.
• Improving communications within groups.
• Supervisory and managerial effectiveness.
• Personal, professional and career development.

• Effective intervention to get a workplace back on track.
• How to develop and present high quality training and presentations.
• Inspirational and motivational presentations to open and close conferences,
for awards ceremonies, keynote and break-out presentations.
Customized training and presentations for your organization, business or group:
Information, Inspiration and Insight with humor and flair!

Author of: A Preparation Guide for the Assessment Center Method (Charles C. Thomas) Third Edition now available on Amazon or from the publishers.  Coming soon: Strategic Patrolling: Never Routine or Random, Church Security and Safety: 24/7/365. 



 The experiences, knowledge and skills that create a unique and engaging experience for you and your group:

 Thirty-three years of challenging, real-world leadership experiences. Twenty five years with the Denver Police Department, from patrol officer to Captain. Commanded the Training Academy, Internal Affairs and the Northeast Denver Patrol District. Eight years as the Presidential appointed United States Marshal for Colorado.

As the United States Marshal, responsible for the plans and processes related to security for the Oklahoma City bombing trials which were held in Denver. Those trials, as well as other aspects of the work with the United States Marshals Service and the Department of Justice, provided invaluable experiences that are often used to illustrate key points in training.

In-depth experiences in developing individuals and teams, leading and directing in challenging circumstances, planning and implmenting major projects. Served on dozens of boards and committees, advisory and investigative panels.  Produced hundreds of manuals, workbooks and documents.

One of the two Workplace Doctors on the Ask The Workplace Doctors website–a site that has been a resource for hundreds of thousands of employees in businesses around the world. The insights and effective problem-solving that have made this site successful are applied in every one of Tina’s projects and presentations. 

Well over a thousand presentations to audiences of all ages, professions and vocations, with an emphasis on personal and professional development to improve organizations. Participants gain immediately applicable ideas, tips, techniques, insights and inspiration..


Conference, luncheon and dinner presentations.
Break-out sessions and four-hour to multi-day training programs.
Individual and organizational consulting.


  Contact at trowetraining@comcast.net or call (303) 324-3988



To My Colleagues in Criminal Justice:

I thoroughly enjoy my work with businesses and industry, government, churches and non-profit organizations.  However, the needs of law enforcement organizations are always a high priority for me. I welcome any opportunity to provide training for sworn and non-sworn personnel of any rank. Contact me to discuss training for your sergeants, commanders, supervisors, managers and staff in all assignments. 

I provide consulting to solve work performance and behavior problems for both sworn and non-sworn personnel. In addition, I produce promotional process assessment centers for small departments.  

Among the most requested courses (all are adaptable to private sector organizations):

*Gaining and Maintaining Supervisory Excellence
*Supervising Challenging Employees
*Developing and Leading Sergeants (The only one like this!)
*Professional Development Through Assessment Center Preparation
*Law Enforcement Program and Project Management Workshop
*Strategic Patrolling: Never Random or Routine (This is the only one of its kind in America!)
*Domestic Terrorism: Connecting the Dots Through Information and Analysis
*Church Safety and Security: How to be an effective law enforcement resource for a place of worship.
*Instructor Development (POST Course for Classroom and Skills Trainers)
*Very Advanced Instructor Development (For Classroom Trainers)
*Law Enforcement Presentation Techniques: Quick, Easy and Effective
*Developing Your Career From Day One Until It Is Done
*Lessons In Law Enforcement Leadership
*Everyday Ethics
*Influence: How To Get It and How To Use It The Right Way
*Supervisory Intervention: The Earlier, The Easier

Every class is customized and I will work with you to make the training most effective for your specific group.

Get free training for your organization by hosting a class.
It’s a great opportunity to be a training resource in your region!

 Remember: I promise to enliven, inform and inspire your group.
My goal is to be considered a personal resource for every person in every audience.