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Whole-Church Safety and Security Material

Hello and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share material on whole-church safety and security. I’m hoping this approach will make it easier and quicker for you to get information that will be helpful for your safety and security efforts.

In the past, I’ve sent well over twenty thousand emails, sometimes as many as a hundred in a day! This will ease that task. I’m also aware that some people just want the material and don’t want to wait for it–this will take care of that problem.

Consider hosting a seminar–or being a liaison for finding a local host

When I present seminars I provide six hours of focused training about the Big Picture of church safety and security, as well as distributing additional material. The training covers the five elements of a comprehensive program and how to develop and apply them. It keeps a whole-church focus, rather than only being concerned about violence and disruption–as important as that is to be concerned about. The Big Picture engages more people and helps them stay alert to a wide range of issues.

I would love to have the opportunity to be part of the outreach of your police department, government, place of worship, or organization, in your city, county or state, or for a group of churches with which your church is affiliated.

I sincerely appreciate the support I have received from so many people and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting them and providing balanced, reasonable and practical assistance about their church safety and security efforts. Please let me know if you would like to take the lead in bringing a Whole-Church seminar to your area!

In the meantime, here is material you can use.

Microsoft PowerPoint – Jeffco Summit-Some of the key slides–This is a PDF of a few of the text slides. You’ll notice that I now have FOUR components of a thorough program instead of five. I like the four better. Things change! Check in here in a month or so, to see if I have the new workbook done.

WORSHIP WITHOUT WORRY -156 pages-2016-Rowe  This is a compilation of the six documents I formerly distributed. It includes a large section on conducting an effective inspection and assessment, as part of an ongoing program of year-around assessments.

Suggestions for Policies, Procedures and Plans-Rowe 2016  These are not the policies, procedures and plans—there would be far too many variations to develop even a rough one that would fit everyone. But, this list can remind you of the information that is important for a comprehensive program.

Pastor Bulldog-From My Heart-Large Print  This is a group of essays written by the late Robert Adams. I include it as a way to honor his memory. You may like to print it and give it to a senior-aged person (or younger!).

Tina Lewis Rowe-Trainer and Presenter  My information!

Best wishes to you in all that you do! Remember the secret to safety and security success for your place of worship:

Whole Church and All the Time