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Book CoverHello and thank you for the opportunity to provide assessment center preparation material. I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that my book, available on Amazon  has much more material than I can ever provide in a seminar or individual items.

I often remind people that I only make about $2.50 a book, so I’m not pushing it to get rich! I just know it is helpful and is considered the bible for preparation by thousands of candidates. In addition, it’s a guide for how to be effective before and after promotion. I sincerely want you to be successful throughout your career!

Would you like some one-on-one training or training for a group? If you’ll let me know when your department is having it’s promotional process–the further out, the better–I’ll set up a seminar for the region or city.  Then, I’ll stay an extra day or two or more for one-on-one or small group sessions. That approach has worked very well in many areas. Yes, I know, you don’t want to provide a training opportunity for your competitors, but this is one way you can have some personal training as well.

Here is a sample of the ad for a seminar. The training fee is $190 for a one day class and $250 for a two day class (which allows time for more detail and some practice–but not in front of the class). Assessment Center Preparation-AD TEMPLATE  The fee for personal work is $100 for three hours, plus follow-up by email and additional material, in conjunction with the seminar. I need at least 15 people to make a class workable if travel is involved.

However, whether or not you are interested in a seminar, I know you can use this material:

The TWO Main Reasons for Rating Differences-Rowe

Limited Time For Preparation-2016

How to Optimally Prepare for Your AC-2016

Tina Lewis Rowe-Trainer and Presenter

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Best wishes to you in your promotional process and your career!

Tina Lewis Rowe
Denver, CO