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For our health and well-being, person-to-person training, conferences and seminars have been put on hold for a bit, but one day soon all of those will return. Keep me in mind and let’s all be ready to energize and engage people and groups, so they can move forward!

I’m not a training entrepreneur–I don’t have packaged presentations and I don’t want to be a packaged person. I am just a very comfortable, uniquely effective presenter who offers immediately applicable training and presentations. I personalize every presentation, spending many hours developing each one, so you can be sure I will engage your group and get enthusiastic reactions. I have plenty of references to attest to the quality of my work.

Contact me at trowetraining@comcast.net or text or call (303) 324-3988, to get registration information for a class you’ve seen advertised, to talk about a presentation you have in mind, or to ask about my work as a consultant to supervisors and managers. 

Most of my classroom training is for criminal justice agencies, but I can adapt almost all of the topics to private sector groups.

• Leadership Through Coaching (Guide and train others for more effective performance and behavior.)
• Leading in a Non-Sworn Assignments (The only training specifically for professional staff in law enforcement organizations.)
• Developing and Leading a Supervisory Team (For Lieutenants and higher or those who aspire to those ranks.)
• Bold Patrol: Officer-Initiated Patrol Strategies (The only training like it, anywhere.)
• Assessment Center Preparation (Based on my book, A Preparation Guide to the Assessment Center Method, Second edition, Charles C. Thomas, publishers.

Also, Safety and Security for Places of Worship: Whole-Church & All the Time. BIG Picture security and safety training for leaders, security teams, and congregation members, or for officers who are resources. This is a unique six-hour seminar that is designed for all church members and leaders, not only security teams.

I also do key-note addresses, conference closing addresses and break-out sessions, personalized for the group. I always have the highest critiques of the conference!
Some recent titles:
• Living Your Leadership Legacy
• Be The One With Courage
• Take the Mountaintop Back to Work

Call me or email me to schedule one or more training days, to host training, for a presentation at a conference or for a special event, team meeting or retreat.

I don’t cold call and I won’t nag you after you contact me.  I’m here if you need me and I’d like to help make your event successful.

(303) 324-3988 or trowetraining@comcast.net

P.S. I also like to hear from individuals who are working on their promotional processes. Get in touch, so I can send you some free material that will be helpful.

You and your group are unique—and I certainly am!–so let’s talk about how we can work together.

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