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Church Security and Safety: Getting Free Material And/Or Bringing a seminar to your area

UPDATE on January 11, 2018: There have been problems with the documents to download, so for the next few days, I’ll be sending them out the former way, by responding to email requests. If you received a downloaded file that was oddly formatted and generally not very usable, send me a request through the contact tab and I’ll get a good copy to you right away!


Although I have a business that involves training and presentations on a wide range of organizational and professional topics, I am not entrepreneurial about it and generally wait to be asked rather than solicit business. I stay busy enough that way.

In the last few days I’ve sent out hundreds of copies of documents. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t let people know that as part of my business, I present very effective six hour seminars on the topic of whole-church security and safety.

Seminar topics include everything in my material, but also provide a time of networking and positive messages about the fact that an effective, whole-church program is easily achievable, by any place of worship.

I keep my focus on many issues, not just on violence and disruption—as important as those are for concern. I believe the Big Picture will engage more people, of all ages and situations, in any place of worship and help to make security and safety part of the all that is done. The seminar is developed for any church member as well as for church leaders, staff, volunteers and law enforcement officers

I am confident the concepts I teach can make a difference in any place of worship, no matter what its setting, location, size or the current status of security and safety measures.

The best way to have a seminar in your area is to host it or to bring a group of churches together to host, or to enlist the assistance of sheriff’s offices or police departments. It takes a few committed people to make it happen, but the result is always a success for every place of worship in a community. I have a document entitled, “Producing a Whole-Church Security Seminar with Tina Rowe” and will send that to anyone who is interested.

I’m also working on a workbook that can be used by anyone interested in security and safety, to help develop and implement a whole-church program. When that is complete, I’ll be offering it here as well as at seminars. I think it’s going to be a wonderful resource and am excited to finish it. (I started it months ago, but it has been slow going. Some of you who write articles or books can relate to that!)

Best wishes to all of you! Call me at (303) 324-3988 or contact me through the Contact Tab.

Tina Rowe
Denver, CO

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