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How You Can Get Free Material


One of the great benefits of being a trainer and a presenter on a variety of topics is corresponding with many people, from around the world, who have thoughts to share or who want more information. I respond to dozens of emails a day, sometimes a couple of hundred a week, sending out free material on a variety of topics and writing personal notes to go with it–but time and life are getting in the way of that. I hope I have found a way to provide assistance without it being quite so time consuming.

I’ve realized over time that most people just want the material I distribute and aren’t interested in connecting with me personally (sad but true!). So, I’ve developed two new pages—one for Assessment Center material and one for Church Security material—to allow people to just download the items I’m distributing without charge.

I’ll be adding pages for Bold Patrol, Non-Sworn Leadership, Living Your Leadership Legacy, Ready, Aim Speak, Instructional Design and Instructor Development, Success as a Sergeant, Leading and Developing a Supervisory Team and other topics for which I provide training and free material.

I’d love to hear from you! If you want to send a personal note or have a question, I’m happy to respond if you’ll use the Contact Me tab.  But, if you only want to get the material now and contact me later, this will allow you to do it and will save me the time involved.

I provide training and presentations too. I enjoy providing free material, but my livelihood depends upon my work! After presenting a seminar or giving a speech I provide other material and often follow-up with participants.  Keep me in mind for a wide range of training and speaking. I don’t cold call, so I’ll await a contact from you or your group! Tina Lewis Rowe-Trainer and Presenter

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a resource for you.

Tina Rowe
Denver Police Department, Captain (ret.)
United States Marshal, Colorado (ret.)

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