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Be Alert and Ready For The Moments That Change Everything

Do you have a few times and dates permanently printed on your mind because, after that one moment or one event, nothing was ever the same again? You may have had no control over some of those fateful times–although you probably have retraced your steps to see which ones led you most directly to what you now think of as the moment that changed everything.  However, many of your career-changing, life-changing, reputation-changing, habit-changing, future-changing, memory-changing moments were the result of your own decisions. It may have been a door you opened or a door you closed; you may have had a brief “aha” thought or an “uh oh” feeling; warning bells may have sounded or the situation may have seemed unimportant. The memory of those times can remind you that today may bring just such a decision-point into your life.  Be alert for the moment and in a state of readiness–mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually–to respond in the best way.

*The concept of being in the moment can help you slow down a bit and think about what you’re saying, doing and being. If you have ever eaten a handful of candy you didn’t really even want, but you did it while talking or thinking of something else, you can relate to the idea.  In your work and life, give yourself time, even if only a few minutes, to consider what you are doing and whether it is really what you want for your life, now and over time. Give equal thought to the impact you are having on the lives of others.

*Be as alert and ready for good things as you are for things that may turn out badly.  You can greet most people and situations with a welcoming smile and cheerful anticipation. Add zest, energy and hope to your life with the belief that something special is about to happen.  Even if later events dull the initial glow, you very often will gain new perspectives and personal and professional depth.

I chose the photo at the top of this article because I first saw only the foggy road and thought it was interestingly ethereal. Then, I saw someone approaching through the fog.  Is it a stranger or a friend? Is there a threat or an opportunity? Will he or she pass by or stop–and what will be the result? Because it is a photo, the moment is suspended forever and the outcome will never be known. In your life and work it may be the moment that changes everything. Be alert and ready.

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  1. What a thought provoking post! Thank you for the reminder about life-changing moments.

    Comment by Careerist | February 3, 2014

  2. Hey Tina, I thought you’d be writing something about the Broncos, but I’m glad you didn’t. What a sad evening it was at work! This is a good article and I like the photo. I can hear Jaws music in the background.

    Comment by Mike | February 3, 2014

  3. Ms. Rowe, thank you for your time after your presentation and for taking my work problem seriously. You helped me a lot just by talking to me about it. I’ll let you know what happens. Also, this is a good post and I have some times like that in my mind. I think the way work has been has made me not welcome new people and new situations and I haven’t liked that about myself. I would like to get back to feeling that something good could happen. Wish me luck and, as I said, I’ll let you know about it. Thanks again.

    Comment by Foghorn | February 3, 2014

  4. Hello Tina,
    I was in an accident three years ago and I’ve relived the ten minutes before it, over and over. It was the perfect storm of circumstances and I wasn’t being careful or *in the moment*. Since then,I’ve been reminded every day that we should be conscious and thinking, not walking or driving around in a daze.

    Comment by G. C. | February 5, 2014

  5. I’m glad you mentioned being open to the good things we encounter. I find that so many people are distrusting and wary of everything, that they shut out any chance of enjoying life. Almost everyone I know assumes the worst about everyone’s motives. It’s very frustrating to try to even have a fun vacation with them, because they are so cautious. I understand safety precautions, but they carry it to such an extreme, they might as well stay home! Carpe Diem!

    Comment by Mawmaw2 | February 5, 2014

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