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You and Your Magic Doors

I remember when I approached this opening at the Denver Botanic Gardens. There was a mystical feeling in the air along with the heavy, humid fragrance of flowers and moss. The reality lived up to the promise. It was the orchid room at sunset, while they were misting the air for the night. I could almost see faeries dancing!

At the time, I was reminded of the thought by John Pearson in a wonderful book of photography and prose, in the late 1970s: “Of magic doors there is this: You do not see them, even as you are passing through.” Nine years later, the photo brings back the same thoughts and I can recall several fateful doors through which I’ve passed.

Take a few moments now and then to consider how many “magic” doors you have passed through, often at a rapid pace, sometimes more thoughtfully. Those are the doors that have taken you from one part of your life or work to the next. They are also like the door you may be approaching today or this week.  Pay attention and see if you can feel or see the transition. Is that the direction you really want to go? Is this a moment you should savor?

No decision is a throw-away. No change at work is free of lingering results. You may hear the echoes of today’s judgments years from now–probably  decades from now. If you have principles to guide you and a keen eye fixed on your ultimate goals, you will be much more likely to find yourself on the other side of an unseen door, looking at something even better in your life and work. That’s my wish for you and me both!

October 14th, 2012 Posted by | Life and Work | 7 comments


  1. I love that quote! I looked up his website and he has some gorgeous photos. I’ve been thinking about what times were like magic doors and I have several. I wish you could come and do a staff meeting for us again. 🙂

    Comment by denisek | October 14, 2012

  2. 1. When I walked into a room and saw my friend’s sister for the first time. We’ve been married 33 years and we still talk about that magical moment.

    2. When I decided to go with my new bride to her church. I made a commitment that morning that has shaped my life and my soul for 33 years.

    Yes, I believe in magical doors! Love your photos of the “orchid tree.” Blessings on you this week! D.

    Comment by Don R. | October 15, 2012

  3. Is it a problem if my magic doors all have “Keep Out” signs?
    I’m just kidding you, Ms. Spunky! The thought is good and I would like to see the room with the mist.

    I think your door of opportunity for coming to Laramie is closed for the season, and I missed seeing you in June. So, it will be another cold winter for me. Right now there’s no snow or ice on I-80, so maybe you should give it try. ????

    Comment by smartaleck | October 15, 2012

  4. I used to love that orchid room! I don’t know why they did away with it, but that whole area of the conservatory has changed now. I never got to see it in the mist, so you’re lucky! It does make a great magical setting though, even without the mist. I love your thoughts on these things. L.

    Comment by Orchid Lady | October 15, 2012

  5. Hello Tina, thank you for the wonderful training last week. You’re providing a great service to churches. I like your website and the photos. V.K.

    Comment by Sooner | October 15, 2012

  6. I think if you’re attuned to everything around you, you have a glimpse of the doors you’re passing through. I once could literally feel a change in the room or in myself when I made a decision that proved to be life-changing. I’ve tried to explain it to people, but so far no one has understood, so I guess you and John Pearson would!

    Comment by W.W. | October 15, 2012

  7. This is very good and really thought provoking. I have felt magic doors sometimes.

    Comment by Big Dog | October 18, 2012

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