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Nambe And You–Polishing Away The Damage

“Can you make this ruined platter look like new?”

That question is one that I’m sure Lenore, the very helpful representative for Nambé Mills, is asked quite often.The Nambé company is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but their award-winning, beautiful aluminum alloy products and other artisanware is sold all over the world and even displayed in museums. 

As with any shiny metal, things can happen to harm the finish and that is when people call Lenore. She provides the information for how you can use Nambé’s repolishing service and have your platter or other item looking like new in a few weeks.

When you wish you could make things new again

Many of us wish we could send our lives, our work, our relationships, our choices, a specific event or just the last week, day or hour back to the repolishing factory. We sometimes desperately wish we could have things back the way they used to be or better. 

Instead of that analogy, some people may prefer to be more self-accepting and talk about enjoying the luster that comes with age and the one about being useful in spite of not looking very good or the advice to look at the marks and remember the happy times that caused them.

Whatever our perspective, a metal platter isn’t a good analogy for human lives. Life, death and the sometimes joyous-sometimes tragic events that come between those two points can’t be reduced to such glib comparisons. Nevertheless, perhaps there are a few thoughts we can apply.

1. It’s easier to avoid damage than to repair it.
2. At least you can stop adding new gouges.
3. You can make the decision to damage yourself but you don’t have the right to damage others.
4. Even if improvements don’t show right away the process can be working.  
5. No matter how bad things are now, it can be made better if you search for the right way to do it–and do what it takes to make it happen. 

Some of you could add to or improve that list with humorous, profound or faith-based thoughts. The point is this: We can’t, in the human world, go back, do over or make anything new. What we can do is stop doing the things that have left the marks we wish we could polish away. We can be more and do more to have value to ourselves and others. We can also whole-heartedly accept and appreciate the opportunities we are given to renew, renovate and recommit. We get that opportunity every day. Like, right now.


Thank you, Lenore and Nambe!


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