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The Perpetual State Of Things

Just in case you were thinking things
are worse than ever.

This issue of Life magazine in 1969 lamented high taxes, high prices and the national debt.

Time magazine in 1992 had articles about the same things.

  This 1972 Time magazine talked about the national debt and the cost of our international efforts.


This 1977 magazine featured stories on the hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 181, the murder of its pilot and the terrorizing of its 86 passengers by four members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  This terrorist group has been responsible for hijackings and suicide bombings since 1967.


This 1971 Time Magazine featured the Irish Republican Army, later called the Irish National Liberation Army. They used bombs, murders and kidnappings to advance their cause of a socialist, independent country, both within Ireland in sectarian violence (Catholics against Protestants and vice versa) and in England. On October 11, 2009 the IRA/INLA formally ended its use of campaigns of violence and terrorism to advance their cause, saying they would rely on political efforts.

Life magazine in 1931. Some things are always good ideas.



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