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Chilean Mine Rescue–Be Thankful For Your Work!

What Have You Done Since August 5th?

Very soon, if all goes well, the 33 miners who have been trapped in the San Jose gold and copper mine in Chile, will begin the long process of being brought to the surface after being trapped since August 5th, 2010.

I’ve been particularly proud that there are North American experts in the rescue operations, including two from Denver, Colorado. One of them, Jeff Hart, is tremendously skillful. He has stood all day for 33 days, operating the huge drill that will provide a way out for the miners. I’m sure he’s thought about the significance of the days and the number of miners whose lives he hopes to save.

He said, “You have to feel through your feet what the drill is doing.” A wonderful example of becoming one with your work and giving it your all!

The miners will have more to deal with when they emerge than you or I could ever imagine. I wish them well, but I feel positive about what has been done to prepare them as well as to help them for months to come. 

One last thought: The first four people being brought out, one at a time, will be the most experienced and the strongest. That’s because there is a chance the process won’t work correctly and those first men may become trapped again, only this time in the narrow tube that is supposed to be the route to safety.

As with all work, there is sometimes a price to be paid for being the strongest and the most knowledgeable and skillful. Those are the ones who lead the way. If everything is successful they may seem to be coming out on top before others. But, if things go wrong, they are the ones who must react quickly to find a way to make it right and to guide those who are following them.

Be Grateful And Thoughtful

Whatever your work may be, be thankful for the comfort of your workplace, the freedom to go home when work is done and the ability to quit and go to something else if you feel trapped and miserable. I hope you don’t feel that way–but if you do, at least you have options.

Rescue of the miners will start at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday morning, November 13th, 2010  That is 9:01 p.m. Tuesday evening, Denver time. I hope you’ll mark the time for your location and think of the miners as well as the North American and Chilean team that is working to rescue them. This transcends national or continental boundaries–it’s about getting the right thing done in the right way, together.




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