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Courage and Love

True LoveOn December 21, 2008 I found a blog post with the heading, “I Have Cancer.” It was a stark statement and yet the author, David Wayne, “The Jolly Blogger”, wrote with hope and courage. David is the pastor of Grace Point Presbyterian Church in Severn, Maryland, and seems to be a deeply spiritual and intellectual man. He’s also a loving parent and husband, as his posts over his last year have shown.

I recommend his most recent post, My WifeI read it with misty eyes and a wish that somehow, some way, things will get better for Pastor Wayne.  However, it isn’t a sad post. In fact, David (as I think of him, even though I don’t know him) has never written anything purposely sad, even though he has chronicled his medical issues.  He has also continued to write about other topics and I have found all of his thoughts interesting.

Take the time to read the most recent post of The Jolly Blogger–you’ll see that term explained on his site. Use his thoughts to inspire you to show love more, every chance you get! 

Here is the link to the post. Let me know what you think of it.

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