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Pete Palmer And The Rest Of Us–We All Want Votes!

Pete Palmer For Sheriff of Chaffee County, ColoradoPete Palmer is running for Sheriff of Chaffee County, Colorado.
What office are you seeking?

The other day I received a press release from Pete Palmer’s campaign, announcing his candidacy for Sheriff of Chaffee County, Colorado, a gorgeous county in central Colorado.

I’ve known Pete for about thirty years (oh my!) so I was happy to see him planning to use his tremendous knowledge and skills in that way.  Instead of wishing him the best I will wish the citizens of Chaffee County the best: Pete Palmer!

Pete has a website that tells about him, his history as a police officer and commander, and his accomplishments in commanding and directing police training missions overseas.  He was also the commander of the six hundred and five police officers with the U.N. Civilian Police in Kosovo.  Check out his website and photos.  

The website also provides an overview of what Pete Palmer promises to provide the citizens of Chaffee County:

Independence of Judgment and Action;
Transparency and Openness of Operations;
Professional Law Enforcement Management.

What do you promise to provide?

I often say that every day is an assessment center or that every day is a job interview.  I could add to that, “every day is an election day.”  The idea behind those thoughts is that we are continually building our reputations and relationships. Every day someone is observing us or interacting with us and forming opinions or making decisions.  We do the same thing about others.

  • Every day is a chance to show others how effective we are in in our work, school or family.  
  • Every day is a chance to show what kind of spouse, parent, friend or coworker we can be.
  • Every day someone we know or someone new, interacts with us and forms new opinions or reinforces old ones.

What three reasons to vote for you would you list on your website? If you were to develop a website to showcase your strengths,  what three strengths would you list? What three promises would you make? What three things would you say are the hallmarks of the kind of person you are and will be?

Think about that this week and consider how much differently you might do things if you were trying to get votes to keep your job, get that new assignment or promotion, be considered a good friend, be thought of as a loving spouse or parent, or be voted for Loving Contributor Around the House or Great Asset To The Workplace. 

Pete Palmer approaches it in the way we should: He doesn’t just say what he has done; he shows how what he has done can be used effectively in the future. If he is elected, he’ll need to live up to those promises–just like we have to do in our work and in our relationships.  What we have done is important, what we say we will do, is important too. However, what we are doing has the most impact on how we are viewed today.

Pete Palmer will be voted on for Sheriff of Chaffee County, Colorado in November, 2010.
You are being voted on for something today and every day.

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  1. Now I see what you meant the other day when you said he looked like Patrick Stewart! I’d vote for him!!! 🙂

    Comment by denisek. | February 22, 2010

  2. I spent a wonderful summer in Chaffee County, in 1985…as you would say…”Oh my!”. We only had one child then and my wife and I hiked near Monarch Pass. That area truly shows God’s creation. I wish your friend good luck, if the Sheriff’s position is where his heart and head is leading him.

    I have always liked your idea about each day being a job interview, but this election concept is even better. I tend to promise more than I can deliver, then feel that I’ve let people down. It’s something I’ve prayed about lately, so this is timely.

    Blessings on you this week. YOU are in my prayers as well. Don

    Comment by Don R. | February 22, 2010

  3. My dear wife reads these over my shoulder and has decided that although she likes Sheriff Danny Glick, up here in Laramie, she really likes the looks of Sheriff Palmer. I think she’s gonna to make me move to Colorado. Thanks a lot.

    Comment by wiseacre | February 24, 2010

  4. I didn’t know Pete well, but he was in charge of Communications in Golden for awhile and did a great job. He was very easy to talk to and was a good listener. I sure hope he makes it with this! Thanks for the update!

    Comment by H.K. | February 24, 2010

  5. Tina says: Thanks to all of you for your comments, as always. Pete sent me a nice note about this, because I surprised him with it. He said he doesn’t know if he’ll win, but he has certainly appreciated the support of so many friends.

    He deserves support!

    What have you decided to run for tomorrow or next week? What about, Most Appreciative Person?”

    Comment by TLR | February 25, 2010

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