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Gaining Ten Pounds Could Make You More Appealing!

Chocolate flavored cod liver oil. Yum!

Do You Have Starved Glands?

This is from a 1935 magazine, but doggone it, it sounds like a good thing to me! Without a lot of effort–just taking concentrated cod liver oil and minerals a few times a day–I could gain ten pounds and look more appealing!

Until I can order a supply of this product I’ll bet Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream with hot Hershey’s syrup, twice a day, would accomplish the same thing.  Still, I think Vitro-Min Plus should be recommended to almost all Americans since so many of them are skinny. Besides that, who could pass up chocolate flavored cod liver oil? I know I can’t! Yum!

October 27th, 2009 Posted by | Food, Fitness, Fun | 8 comments