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The Categories Of Your Life

WordpressCategoriesThe Value of Categories

In the right side column is supposed to be a list of topic categories, similar to an index, to allow readers to find all the articles on that topic.  My list includes:

Personal and Professional Development
Supervision and Management
Safety and Security Planning
Life and Work
Assessment Centers and Interviews
Service to Customers, Clients and Coworkers
Training and Technology
Food, Fitness and Fun 

I never realized the importance of that list until it disappeared. (It’s a code problem and will be fixed soon–it may be fixed by the time you read this.)  Not having it reminded me that, like you, I have several areas of interest, knowledge and skills and each of those may appeal to different people for different reasons–or some people may find none of them appealing.

Yesterday a church leader told me he had looked for church security material on this site, but only found the article on this first page and didn’t realize there was anything more. (The Category column would have directed him to several articles.) A couple of days ago I recieved an email from a police sergeant who wanted to know how to find something on Assessment Centers in all the articles on the site. Categories would have certainly benefited that reader. The thing that has concerned me most is that without a category list a reader would not know the range of information he or she could find here.  They might look at the six most recent articles shown on the home page and not realize there is information on other topics available.

The categories of your personal and professional life.  How many categories do you have in the list for your life? If someone really gets to know you, how many interests would that person find?  At work, in how many categories do you have expertise? Do you think it’s preferable to have a narrow focus, but with tremendous expertise, or a wide range of interests with a smattering of knowledge about each, or a mix?

Is it time to change your Category list? Make a list of the categories of thoughts, activities and interests that comprise your life. Are there some of them you should remove? Are there some you can combine with others? Are there some you’d like to add? Have you ever changed your life so much that many of the categories changed too?

I’m thinking about those things as I wait for the Category list on this site to return. The next list may look different than the last one.

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