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Almost Final Count–You Bunch Of Doubters!


I had not planned on publishing another photo of this, but I have just about had it with you people! 🙂  The original post with this photo can be seen by clicking here. Since then, I have heard from many people with guesses ranging from 10 to 50 goats on the mountain. The rocks and goats look so much alike that it is easy to mistake one for the other.  (That remark is an easy spin-off, but I won’t do it!)

I don’t have a good program for putting numbers next to the goats, so this is rather rough looking, I realize.  My approach was this: If I thought there was a chance something was a mountain goat, but could not say for sure, I put a question mark next to it. You can see I have quite a few question marks. But, counting the goats I could see clearly, I now can see 44.  Some of my numbers are next to a goat and others are over or under one.  If there is a number, there is a goat–I promise!

To see the numbers, save this photo to your photo program, then view it in an enlarged format.  Mouse around and look at the numbers and look for goats. Remember, they blend in very, very well. Sometimes you will only see partial goats above the rocks–horns or backside. (The witty remarks are really popping in your mind right now, aren’t they?)

Someone wrote and requested, partly in jest (I think), that I not ever do this again. If you thought the same thing, you don’t need to worry, I won’t!

November 7th, 2008 Posted by | Life and Work | 3 comments


  1. This has affected me quite a bit. I went to your August post and back again. I can’t see any goats. I can’t even find those little numbers you mention. Do you know what I think? I think they are escape goats.

    Comment by Robert Adams | November 8, 2008

  2. Escape goats? Very funny! 🙂

    The way to see the numbers is to right click on the photo and save it to your computer. Then, view it in whatever photo viewing program you have. (One version comes with your Microsoft programs.) In the toolbar it gives you a menu for enlarging it. I think 150% seems to work well, without blurring it. THEN you can see the goats and the numbers. Good luck!

    I didn’t mean to get your goat about this! 🙂

    Comment by TLR | November 9, 2008

  3. OK, Tina. This is just too much to expect me to believe. 44?

    I”m looking right now and will tell you in real time if you are wrong. Hmmmm. You’re not! I think I might even see one more, but I’m not sure. I see what you mean about the question marks. What a photo! Nature sure knows how to protect itself, doesn’t it?


    Comment by Goatman | November 9, 2008

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