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Police Assessment Center and Promotional Testing Training — Need Some?

Note: Thanks to all of you who responded to this post. I have several classes scheduled, including an experimental class that will allow participants to practice assessing. That ought to be interesting!

Keep in touch if your organization would like to host this or any other training.


This is an unusual post for me, and those who are not involved in law enforcement will have to forgive me for it! You have noticed, I hope, that I do not advertise in this online journal. I want it to be a learning resource, not just a business opportunity for me. However, this information is about a learning resource, so I will beg your indulgence!

Police and Fire Department Assessment Center Training: I am considering presenting my Assessment Center preparation class (Professional Development Through Assessment Center Preparation) sometime in the next few months (July-September, 2008) but am not certain whether I should offer it in the Denver Metro area, or go outside the area to some other part of the state. Or, in some other state.

Let me know what you think: If you are seeking training and were not able to attend the last few seminars, or know someone who needs the class, contact me through Comments, the Contact Me section, or directly by email to let me know your interest and when your process is scheduled.

Who should attend and when: Anyone who thinks they will have a promotional process in the next three years should be preparing now. I’m serious! I find it so disheartening to have people want training when their process is only a few weeks or even a few days away. An Assessment Center measures your knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the job you seek. You cannot cram the experiences, opportunities, training, assignments and activities you need, into a few weeks or months.

You can ask almost anyone who takes a promotional process and they will say they wish they had started preparing sooner! You are not just preparing for the process, you are improving your skills for your daily work, then you will apply that to the process. If you know someone who should start now, or you know you should, do it and tell them about it. .

Could your department host a class? I am always happy to work with officers who have a training room and refreshments available, plus someone to assist me during the busy day. Perhaps that would be a way for you to get free training?

If you do not have time for the day of training, at least purchase my book from the publisher, Charles C. Thomas, or from Amazon, and send me an email to let me know how you are doing. If I can help, I will!

If you are new to the Assessment Center concept, you can read a bit more in a post from a few weeks ago by clicking here.

Best wishes to you, whatever you decide to do. But, if you would like some focused training on Assessement Centers, contact me about dates that might work. Maybe I will do a class in your area soon!

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  1. Hi! I’m going to call you if that’s OK. I’d like to go to a class where my competitors aren’t going to be, if you get my drift.

    Comment by Sergeant candidate | June 22, 2008

  2. Are these classes open to non-cops, or are they top secret? I’ve wondered what you could teach about it. I went through something like it in the military a long, long time ago, but don’t remember much about it except we had to convince a group to vote the way we wanted them to vote, and the winner was the ones who convinced the most people. I could have been a politician, because I think I did good on that.

    Let me know if civilians could attend and I might do it if you get up to Wyoming again.

    Comment by Wiseacre | June 22, 2008

  3. I think I would consider non-police attendees on a case-by-case basis. You know how that is! I think you would add a lot and will certainly let you know if I’m doing one in your area. Wyoming doesn’t have a lot of departments that use the process on any regular basis. But, maybe if I’m in the Northern part of Colorado? I’ll keep you informed.

    I’m also sending this to you by email! T.

    Comment by Tina | June 22, 2008

  4. Tina, you remember that my wife attended an assessment center you offered in Kansas City a few years ago. She is a homemaker and found the material useful and of great benefit. I would have taken the class myself except I had another commitment. I have read your definitive book on the subject and it is fascinating. I especially enjoyed the historical background of the process.

    Some of your readers might be interested to know that I posted a review of your book on Amazon, written from a non-law enforcement perspective. From an academic perspective I think your book is greatly valuable. For the same reasons, I am sure many would benefit from your training, even those not in law enforcement. Maybe you could even designate a class specifically for civilians and modify the content a bit. Thanks for an informative online journal!

    Comment by Jeff Adams | June 22, 2008

  5. If you can come to the Grand Junction area, we’d sure love to have you up this way. Maybe after the DNC and the Jazz Festival? I’ll check and be in touch. R.

    Comment by R.T. | June 23, 2008

  6. Response to Jeff: Hola! And, thank you for commenting! I wish you could attend my class because we would have fun! And I was thrilled with your review of my book on Amazon. Very nice! So many people promise to review it, then don’t. (That is a hint to those people!) I always appreciate those who take the time.

    I am actually seriously considering offering this class to non-police, since I talk about “Every day is an Assessment Center.” I also think it would be useful to have a class on the development of processes that use the Assessment Center method, even if they are not quite that formal, so I might do that as well.

    Thank you for your support, as always! Tina

    Comment by Tina | June 23, 2008

  7. Response to R.T.: I’ve already contacted you by email, but wanted to thank you for the comment and offer. We’ll work together on this! Tina

    Comment by Tina | June 23, 2008

  8. ME! ME! If you offer something to non-sworn, let me know! P.

    Comment by P.A.H. | June 23, 2008

  9. Dear Ms. Rowe,
    Could you please contact me about this class and let me know how much space you need for it? I’m talking to someone about it and would like to get one near Loveland. It would be for police and sheriffs departments. Thanks very much.

    Comment by KM | June 23, 2008

  10. Tina

    Your book has been highly recommended by my dept. (California Highway Patrol) for all uniformed employees interested in competing in any future promotional exams. I’ve read it twice. The CHP requires assessment testing for all captain and above promotions. Having a program in California would be awesome and we would all sign up! In fact, the dept. is planning A/Chief and Chief exams in the near future. Thanks for what you do.


    Comment by SH | June 28, 2008

  11. Ms. Rowe, I have read your excellent book on Police Assessment Centers and wondered if you do one-on one-training, via phone or even email. I would also like to look into having you teach a class in the Virgina Beach area, if you travel outside Colorado. I am taking a Captains test but we also have a sergeants test coming up. Our problem is that we don’t get told anything about the exercises, so we have trouble planning for them!

    Please let me know if you are available for phone or email training, and about coming here. Jerry

    Comment by S.O. Captain | July 5, 2008

  12. Hello Jerry! Thank you for contacting me! I do some phone and email consulting about police assessment centers and arrange it on a case by case basis. I’ve sent you an email about it and will be in touch.

    The best training is classroom training because of the extra time and the exercises that add to it, but when that is not available other things can be helpful too. Sometimes just having someone to chat with about the process can be very beneficial.

    For the benefit of others reading this comment: While it is very helpful to know the exercises, the best preparation is focusing on the knowledge and skills needed to demonstrate competency for the position being sought. So, don’t let not knowing the exercises bother you too much. When you’re prepared for the job you seek, you can be successful in every exercise.

    Thank you again, Jerry, for the comment and contact!

    Comment by Tina | July 5, 2008

  13. Hello, I have read your book and it was very, very informative. I would appreciate your help in any way possible, via phone, email, or any location you will be offering a seminar. Thank you very much.

    Comment by Off. D. | July 5, 2008

  14. Hello, Officer D! I’ve talked with you on the phone and we’ll be in touch by email. Thanks for your contact! Tina

    Comment by Tina | July 5, 2008

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