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Farewell, Detective Robert Knight. I’ll Say Your Name Often.

Detective Robert KnightNot long ago I wrote about Detective Robert Knight, who I recalled from my very first days on the Denver Police Department. He was a Knight to me at the time, though we were never close friends and I rarely saw him after the early 1970s. I was notified just now that he passed away a few days ago after a long and brave struggle.

The one thing I can do for Detective Knight is to keep him alive in memory by using his name when I can, so people who never met him will know he was here and that he was a significant person in the lives of many people, especially in my life. Think about it: I had perhaps five personal conversations with him in my entire career, and the last one was in about 1971, but I still smile at the memory of those few conversations and the graciousness with which he accepted me and helped me. That’s impact!

If you have ever heard me give any kind of presentation you’ve heard me mention many people from whom I have learned valuable lessons or who simply brought good cheer to my life: My mother, Creola Kincaid Lewis; many police officers of all ranks; family members and friends–including friends of my parents who I didn’t know until after my parents were gone; long-ago neighbors, and chance acquaintances. I’ll mention them over time in this training journal as well. 

Some of those people are still living and now and then I let them know how I’ve used their names. Many are not living, but I try to make their personalities, foibles and contributions come alive in the minds of others. I’m not maudlin about it; I don’t use the same person’s name repeatedly, as though I am obsessed with remembering them; and I blend some funny stories with some thought provoking ones. However, I am purposeful about it. My goal is to make them present in the room and sharing the story with us.

 Who do you mention regularly? Send me a note about that person, no matter when you read this post, so others can share your memories. If you aren’t using the names of those who live in your memory, make it a challenge for yourself: Honor every one of them, every time you can. That’s what I’ll always do for Detective Robert Knight.

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