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Warmed Tomatoes, Italian Style: Deelicious!

Many people like Bruschetta (correctly pronounced brus-ketta–but most people say brew-shetta). It’s grilled or toasted bread, drizzled with olive oil, maybe rubbed with garlic, and topped with tomatoes, cheese and/or peppers. Sort of a toast pizza!

My warmed tomato dish is much more simple, but just as tasty to me–and only about 80 calories for a good-sized tomato with a bit of oil.

Thinly slice one or more regular, or three or four Roma, tomatoes and arrange them on a saucer. Drizzle just a teeny bit of flavored oil (I use a dipping oil) on each slice. You could even leave off the oil if you want. Sprinkle with a bit of dried oregano and basil, or for a real treat use fresh, finely diced herbs. Sprinkle with coarse salt and pepper, to taste. (I like lots of salt!) Warm in the microwave for about 45 seconds, until quite warm but not hot. That’s all there is to it. But I think it’s delicious!

I could put a slice of mozzarella cheese on the saucer or add bread, but that would defeat my purpose of having a very, very low calorie snack. Last week I had twenty Roma tomatoes to use up, and this is how I ate every one of them!

This might not be considered highly professional for a training journal. But doggone it, we have to eat!

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